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Dr. Masha Malka

Coaching, support, systems, and emotional mastery to help you get results in all areas of your life and career.

High Impact Starts with Emotional Mastery

Imagine your life when you've put an end to overwhelm...

When you're moving faster towards your goals and life purpose.

When you're easily able to manifest exactly what you want every day.

When you're guided by both your spiritual and practical abilities.

This change starts with just one minute at a time!

Whether you're an entrepreneur starting a new project, a business owner seeking to reignite your spark and drive, or an executive yearning for a better work-life balance, Dr. Masha has the expertise to guide you towards achieving your desired results.

I'm one of the world's leading business consultants and performance coaches specializing in leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational development. I'm also the best-selling author and founder of The One Minute Coach™ educational system, which I've used as an executive coach for over 20 years.

How We Work Together...

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Reconnect with your spiritual self with 9 handpicked chapters and multiple one minute exercises to reset your energy, release pain and guilt, and find inner peace.

Dreams to Reality

A comprehensive and practical 21-Days marathon course designed to help you align your vibration and step into the flow by creating clarity and focus for what you really want.

The Elite Success Accelerator

Transition with clarity and speed with Dr. Masha's support, coaching, and systems designed to get results. Transition doesn't have to be painful!

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