What Messes Up Your Life? A great question not everyone is willing to answer.

What messes up your life is the focus you give to things that are irrelevant.

It is not about being the most beautiful, the most successful, the best mother or father, having the biggest bank account, most beautiful home or the latest technology.

It is not about being the smartest, fittest, or anything else that compares you to others.

It’s about Being You!

It is about one thing and one thing only – being YOU, just as you are. It is about recognizing that NO ONE in the whole world is like you, with your unique looks, beliefs, expectations, experiences, your jeens, and your unique purpose in life. No one is like you.

You are special, unique, and perfect in that uniqueness. Worthy of love, abundance, and well-being, regardless of how you compare to others.

When you shift your focus and allow yourself to be YOU, stop putting the masks on in your attempt to fit in, only then the world fully accepts you and gives you all that you desire.