Master Your Emotions - Master Your Destiny!

The One Minute Coach™ to Mastering Your Emotions will help you understand exactly where to begin...

The One Minute Coach™ to Mastering Your Emotions gives you powerful, practical, and easy to follow tools to create your best self.

Your life and results can change in just one minute at a time...

I'm Masha Malka, author of the One Minute Coach™.

Every minute - you make a choice.

  • You act based on your best self or you act based on your history.
  • Based on your emotional experiences, you habitually act based on the triggers of your environment or relationships 40-45% of the time.
  • To REST what has been unconsciously programmed is not easy - it's taken years or even decades for these behaviors to take root!
  • Your emotions can be your guide rather than hold you back.  

And you can start this process in one minute.

Mastering Your Emotions helps you get unstuck, feel in control, and move through life in a confident and enjoyable way.

Do you know...

  • How much your emotions can "swallow" or take you out of happiness in your life?
  • How to disassociate from your emotions - allowing your mind and emotion to work together rather than against one another?
  • How to accept and appreciate your emotions - rather than simply rejecting them?

The secret is in Accelerated Learning Techniques...

The One Minute Coach to Mastering Your Emotions contains over 200 unique exercises and 70 chapters on all aspects of emotions and what they mean to you and your life.

The reason that just one minute can be so effective is because Accelerated Learning Techniques help you find the fastest and most efficient paths to understanding yourself and others.

Most of the things you'll discover throughout these exercises are things that already exist inside you.

It's a matter of exploring, discovering, and finding what works best for you.

These techniques are used by hundreds of clients, leaders, teams, experts, and companies worldwide.

Your journey through the book will help you:

  • Reintroduce yourself to your "world of emotions" and see them from a different perspective.
  • Understand the "feel-bad" emotions and how they differ from "feel-good" emotions.
  • Develop practical, one minute tools that can help you master your emotions.
  • Bring together your awareness, mind, spirit, and emotion into an integrated life.

What people are saying about
The One Minute Coach™ to Mastering Your Emotions:

The focus in this book is on universal human truths beautifully told. She transcends cultures and moves to the common heart of readers. She writes with great clarity and sincerity, inspires and impresses with her special style and feminine and strong convictions lending her work fuency and powerful grace.

It is a book from the heart, but most of all, it is a book that teaches us how to gain control of our lives by understanding and mastering our emotions. Masha’s delivery is simple, but her messages, insights are gold, being gained through years of coaching. In this book you will learn how to master your emotions, make them your friends, and understand the messages that they bring to help you to change, grow, expand and get in touch with your true self.

-Scarlett Jensen

This book is a good reminder that it’s okay to have emotions, but the important part is knowing what to do with them to make your life more productive and obtain happiness. While there are 70 chapters in this book, it is structured with intention and really helped me to absorb the information faster and more efficiently than some of the longer books I have read on the topic. It also uses a “whole brain” approach so that the information has a better chance of sticking.

I like that instead of giving a drawn out explanation of human behavior, it takes big overwhelming tasks, explains them in their simplest form and then gives you easy action steps or things to think about to make the change a reality. It definitely leaves the reader feeling like the changes needed for personal growth are not beyond reach.

-Corrie M.

The One Minute Coach to Mastering Your Emotions by M. Malka is written in such a way that even those without a lot of time for reading self-help books are able to use it to better their lives. This book gives the reader a clear topic to think about with each chapter as well as an action to do. This helps to streamline the process. Each chapter is clearly labeled so you can cherry pick the topics that pertain most to you in order to get the most efficient use out of it. Reading the whole book will help you make bigger changes, however, reading the chapters individually can also give you a gentle push in individual areas. If you are looking for some help understanding and learning to regulate your emotions then this book is for you.

-Robin Perron

You deserve happiness on a regular basis!

The One Minute Coach™ to Mastering Your Emotions will help you understand exactly where to begin...