Your Year at a Glance
Clarity and Action Course
with The One Minute Coach, Masha Malka

LIve your dream life one year from now instead of wishing for it!

Nothing will hold you back when you have the right plan...

Having clarity about your destination dramatically increases your chances of getting there. Outlining specific action steps, increases confidence and makes your journey easier and faster.

This course is for you if you find yourself knowing that something needs to change and need to clarify and finetune your exact destination and outline specific action steps that will take you there.

By the end of Year at a Glance Clarity and Action course, you will:

  • Find your WHY? (a big enough “Why?” can overcome almost any “How?”)
  • Explore your personal guiding system and how you choose your priorities
  • Understand what you heart wants (rather than your mind), increasing your chances of achieving what you want and feeling fulfilled when you do
  • Follow a unique system of identifying and fine-tuning your goals
  • Create a step-by-step monthly action plan that will take you to the destination of your big vision
  • Dramatically increase your confidence level, feel motivated and inspired

Change requires courage, dedication, and an awareness that you deserve to live your authentic life. You deserve the best that life can offer!

Over four weeks you will:

  • Re-evaluate your visions, values, and goals.
  • Accept where you are now and what you truly want in life.
  • Let go of what isn't working for you.
  • Fine-tune what you're already doing for better results.

What previous clients have shared about Year at a Glance:

It was amazing to be part of your workshop! You facilitated it beautifully. In fact, the information in it is becoming part of me, and as such is causing me to adopt different practices. It’s like a new door opening.

Cheryl Alexander
Executive Coach and Founder Cheryl Alexander & Associates

You are an amazing leader and person. I have grown a great deal as a leader simply by talking with you and evaluating your comments and techniques. I am always looking for new approaches and enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with creative leaders such as yourself. Thank you!

Casey Anderson
Process Improvement Manager for Customer Operations Inet Technologies USA

“Year at a Glance is a well structured and interactive program designed to help individuals to focus internally, understand, clarify and formulate their own purpose, vision and values. Masha Malka is a persistent and energetic coach that supports participants through their journey with drive and enthusiasm.

I recommend the program to people who find themselves on a crossroad or have to make important personal decisions for their future.”

Yulita Decheva
HR Manager Bulgaria/SF CEE HRAM
Shell Bulgaria AD

I really liked Masha's workshop. It reached me deep into my mind and my soul. I felt that it satisfied my need of doing something so profound and meaningful. Thank you for being a partner in success!!!!!

I get the sense of it – it’s just so simple, just somebody who helps you believe in yourself. As I remember a quote from a book: “You presented me the most precious thing – myself.”

Alex Kostadinov (Bulgaria)
Trainer Sanita Business Centre for Training and Development

I always enjoy your enthusiasm and openness so much, Masha. You are so receptive to all kinds of methods, resources, theories, and this has contributed to your professional repertoire of skills and knowledge. I admire your enthusiasm and excitement for teaching and learning. These attributes make you an outstanding instructor.

Masha, you are a wonderful combination of philosopher, teacher and guide!

Holly McCracken
Professor - School of Education Instructor Capella University, USA

Thanks Masha! Very helpful comments and suggestions!!! I really, truly appreciate your outstanding response and ideas. I guess, sometimes, it takes a person from outside the group/organization to point out the things that need work and why.

I sensed that all in the case study group I mentioned (including me) were becoming so frustrated with the lack of progress that all of us were unable to see the forest for the trees (so to speak…). You make an excellent teamwork consultant!

Stephanie Simmon
Manager of Customer Cervices dep. Mediacom, USA

Masha has a Master’s degree in Higher Education, a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, training certificates in Accelerated Learning Techniques, NLP, Transformational Thinking, and a graduate certificate in Teaching and Training Online. She is the founder of The One Minute Coach system, best-selling author, life coach with 16 years of experience and hundreds of clients around the world, as well as a mother of 3. Masha resides between Miami, FL and Marbella, Spain, though she refers to herself as a citizen of the world.

Take your first step and I will hold your hand, support you, and guide you on this important journey.

This course starts on the Full Moon of every month and ends on the next Full Moon. 

Next starting date:  March 9, 2020

It is delivered using a very effective and convenient system, ensuring easy access to the information on-the-go and results in less than a month. All you need is your mobile devise and one of the following applications:

1) Self-Study Option

Cost: 70 $47
Take part in the full course, receive all the sessions for you to keep as a self-study program.

2) Interactive Option

Cost: 197 $97 
The full course along with additional bonus hypnosis sessions, an interactive forum to meet the other participants, and a personal response on all of your assignments.

3) VIP Option

Cost: 497 $297 
The full course, individual feedback on each assignment, plus weekly laser-coaching sessions. These are super effective one-on-one focuses sessions over the phone with me if you choose to have a more personalised approach and feel you want to discuss your progress and best ways to implement what you learn with me directly. 

Your Year at a Glance
A Clarity and Action Course
with The One Minute Coach, Masha Malka

To register and start transforming your life immediately (no credit card information required), all you need to do is click on the link and send me a message with the words "I am in!"

PS: How this course is delivered:

This course is delivered using an app called WhatsApp, which is easy and free to download.

Information and your assignments will arrive straight to your device through this app. It’s easy to access and you can listen on the go.

This is the most convenient and effective way that I have discovered so far of attending trainings long-distance, and therefore, I chose to deliver it to you this way. I hope you like it as much as I do.