I just flew in from New York where… drum roll… I met with a publishing company who will be publishing my new book!! I will tell you more about the book in the next message but for now, as promised, here are some things that happened to me in the last five years:

The main reason I had to leave my information business is because I partnered up with someone to launch an Import and Distribution business of Eastern European food into all the top supermarket chains of Spain. I thought to myself that in order for me to be an effective executive coach, I needed to build a successful business from scratch because my main motto in life is to “walk the walk and talk the talk”. The business took 300% of my time and focus and after two years it has become successful enough for me to go back to what I love to do most – writing and teaching.

At the same time my marriage started to fall apart and to my big devastation at the time, it ended in divorce. The next two years were the most painful and most transformational of my life.

Back to University

Three years ago I went back to the university to finally complete my degree. I was half way through with my MBA when I got pregnant with my third child and couldn’t complete it. I changed my major to Higher Education with the focus on Leadership and a year later got my Master’s degree with a perfect 4.0 GPA (yes, boasting a little here)).

Miraculously, at the same time a private university – Marbella International University Center, opened right in my neighborhood and I got a job teaching Business Leadership there which I enjoyed very much.

As I was raising my three kids, mostly on my own, looking for ways to rebuild myself, my life, and give them the best life possible, I became a much stronger, more confident, more capable, much more humble and much happier woman than I have ever been in my life!

Fears Surface

I confronted many fears and learned to understand and appreciate every emotion and every experience that I have been gifted. I learned how to let go of control, of judgment, of jealousy, disappointments, guilt, feelings of being abundant, unwanted, and victimized.

I learned to meditate, to live in the moment, to go with the flow and to be a lot more easy going than I’ve ever been.

And as I learned all of that and more, I took notes of the process and the actions that I took to transform my life from great depth of darkness to feeling young, beautiful, vibrant, excited about the future, blessed, happy, loved, and peaceful. These notes have been put together into the new book that is about to be released! As mentioned earlier, more on that next time.

Until then, I will leave you with this…

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

To your happiness and well-being!