To excel at being human, learn to master your emotions.

The great mystics refer to human beings as communicators – those who speak, or relaters, whose most essential human asset is the ability to connect and communicate with others in a personal and relatable way.

If you think about it, we have to communicate all the time – with people in our households, with friends, coworkers, clients, strangers on the street, and so on. We are also constantly communicating with ourselves, through our inner dialog, which is basically a thought process.

Computers, for example, can do many things much better than humans but they cannot connect and establish meaningful relationships because they cannot feel.

Emotions are Key

Your emotions are paramount in this connection/relationship process, helping you relate to and communicate with your self and with the world around you. The more aware and in control you are of the emotions, the more effective your connections and your relationships will be.

To excel at being human, learn to master your emotions.

When Emotions Take Over

One part of being human is this; occasionally emotions do take over and we lean toward an argument.

Next time you are in an argument, ask the other person if you can reiterate what they are trying to say, to see if you really understand their position on this matter. Ask this person to do the same with you. Most people look for recognition and validation of their feelings. Getting that, as well as the clarity of the real cause of pain, instead of being defensive, will resolve most arguments.

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