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Just in case you didn't see my introduction in the book:

I'm Masha Malka, author of the One Minute Coach™.

Every minute - you make a choice.

  • You act based on your best self or you act based on your history.
  • Based on your emotional experiences, you habitually act based on the triggers of your environment or relationships 40-45% of the time.
  • To REST what has been unconsciously programmed is not easy - it's taken years or even decades for these behaviors to take root!
  • Your emotions can be your guide rather than hold you back.  

As you read in the book - these changes start by focusing on one minute.

A Video Introduction to The One Minute Coach Method

What It Means to Master Your Emotions

Your Download of The 6 Painful Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make...

It's important to see how the skills you learn in the book apply to other areas of your life, career, and relationships.

In this powerful guide - you get 6 additional insights into how emotional mastery helps you in a business or professional setting.

You'll understand:

  • How to avoid "fear takeovers" that are caused by an overinflated sense of responsibility or duty.
  • Why stress is actually just the fear of not being enough.
  • How your emotions guide you toward strategy - good or bad - and what to do if you're headed in the wrong direction.

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