My 10-year old son was contemplating the meaning of life and his conclusion was that the meaning of life is doing the things that we love and not wasting our time on doing the things we don’t enjoy doing. He then added that sometimes we temporarily need to do somethings we don’t enjoy in order to do what we love.

If you had a choice, would you choose to be joyful or miserable? Full of vitality or full of pain? Excited and motivated or bored? Choose to do what you love and what makes you feel good or forcing yourself to do what makes you unhappy?

Silly questions, I know; however, very important questions to bring to your awareness and to remind you that EVERYTHING you do or feel is a choice – YOUR choice, even if it is easier to blame circumstances or other people.


If you temporarily have to work at a job that you don’t enjoy, find ways and reasons to enjoy it. You can do that by changing your focus. Start focusing on everything that can be fun about it, people that you like and opportunities you are getting out of it.

If you are really struggling with finding reasons to be happy about your job, have faith and believe in yourself that you have what it takes to get another job which will bring you joy and satisfaction. Most important is not to settle for something that is not feeding your heart and is helping you grow, evolve and feel good.

The above example can also be applied to relationships, friendships, housework, and all kinds of daily activities.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share more about this on the Costa Women Blog

The reality is…. happiness is up to you.

Either find a way to enjoy what you are doing or do something else.

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To your happiness and fulfillment!