Your life can be much simpler than it is today...

Why do you complicate your life?

I'm Masha Malka, founder of the One Minute Coach™.

Some people are committed to the idea that life is complicated.

They even say things like "Life is hard and then you die..."

Why does life feel so hard for some and seem so easy for others?

  • You find yourself driven, mostly subconsciously, by the demands, beliefs, and expectations of your environment.
  • You believe that you must struggle and work hard to deserve "success."
  • You don't feel worthy of happiness, acceptance, or love.

Life doesn't have to be complicated - and struggling is habitual.

What if you tried something new?

As the founder of The One Minute Coach™ method and author of multiple books on the topic, I specialize in helping you understand the fastest and simplest ways to mastering your emotions.

You won't need to hope, pray, or struggle to have the future you want.

Even better, you'll work on new skills and practices, that work one minute at a time to focus on what's really important.

  • Bring more beauty into your life.
  • Experience gratitude for the relationships and life you already have.
  • Find inspiration and passion where it may seem lost.
  • Create a new reality for yourself and others.

Stop running in circles.

Your free session is designed to help you start upgrading your life.

If you're tired of the old patterns...

The frustration and lack of contentment...

Or you're ready for a shift - this is where you start.