The One Minute Coach™: Change Your Life One Minute at a Time

An International bestseller, The One Minute Coach™ Change your life one minute at a time book by Masha Malka combines a pragmatic and spiritual approach to both personal and professional success. It gives readers the tools to create more abundance, joy, fulfillment and happiness for themselves through easy to understand processes and routines.

The book not only inspires the reader, it also provides evidence that no matter where you have been or where you are, your future is based on your decisions, actions and beliefs.

Written using Accelerated Learning Techniques, The One Minute Coach™ is very easy to read and internalize. Each chapter is followed by specific action steps as well as engaging images – all designed to make the reading experience fun, memorable, practical and easy.

Based on proven and tested success principles and often used as a reference guide for a happier and more fulfilling life, The One Minute Coach™ is sure to be a welcome addition to virtually any personal or professional library.

As Brian Tracy, Best-selling author and top speaker on personal and professional development, points out, “This is a powerful, practical book, loaded with great ideas you can use to get better results in every area.”

The One Minute Coach™ to Mastering Your Emotions

Whether you’re a C-level executive, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, published author or business coach, mastering emotions is, by far, the most important skill you can develop.

When you can understand how to master your emotions, disassociate from them, and work with them rather than push them away, or get swallowed by them, you can then navigate your life to have the kind of experiences that your soul desires.

You can learn to use your emotions to be your guides and your friends and understand how perfectly you are designed when your emotions, your body, and your mind work harmoniously together.

Within these pages you are guided to understand, accept, get unstuck, feel in control, and move through life in a confident and enjoyable way, appreciating all emotions without attaching to them.

Using the unique format of the The One Minute Coach™ books is easy
and fun to navigate. You can apply immediately the newly acquired knowledge, and achieve real tangible results.

Private Mentoring

The more responsibility you have, the more you require the confidentiality of a highly skilled coach. You know how important it is to have someone who understands your position, your obligations and your need to find solutions in the most appropriate way possible.

Masha Malka offers one-on-one private coaching to a select group of individuals. This is a great fit for those in positions of high responsibility in need of a safe and confidential mentor to help you work through various aspects of your personal and professional endeavors.

Year at a Glance Clarity and Focus Coaching Program

The Year at a Glance program is designed to create clarity of the road ahead – financially, in personal relationships, health-wise, and, most importantly, in the kind of emotions you would like to experience on a regular basis and the quality of life you desire to live.

With my guidance, after just six short weeks, you will put together a comprehensive and balanced monthly action plan for a year ahead based on the goals derived from the long-term vision, core values, and your life purpose.

In the process, you will also identify patterns that have been holding you back and learn how to transform them into new empowering ones. You will learn how to rewrite your story, how to handle unwanted emotions and how to use emotions to manifest what your heart most desires. You will also learn how to create a healthy balance in your life.

This program is not about changing you, it is about you gaining a better understanding of what you really want, why you still don’t have it and what you can do to manifest it, step by step.

This is an intensive program that will make you think, re-evaluate, accept, let go, and fine-tune. It will require an investment, not just financial, but more importantly, an investment of your focus and commitment to making your happiness and well-being a priority and doing what needs to be done to get to where you want to go.

If you are ready to make this commitment, review the page below and let’s talk. I offer a free, no obligation, first coaching session via the page below.

Speaking and Training

Fleeing the Soviet Union at the age of to living below the poverty line when her family settled in the United States after being bounced from country to country, to hold down several minimum wage jobs while attending university, to becoming a bestselling author, executive coach and successful business owner, Masha Malka’s life story reads like a bestselling novel.

Turning her experiences into entertaining and deep meaningful stories, Masha loves sharing how anyone can master their destiny when they master their emotions. From the minute Masha steps on the platform, it’s obvious impacting audience members is her passion, love and joy.

Whether she’s weaving a life lesson into a story of her travels around the globe, to flying a Boeing 747, to riding motorcycles, to helping her clients gain clarity and joy after a tragic experience, Masha’s audiences learn that it’s not what happens that matters, it’s how they respond that makes all the different.

Her favorite stories to share are those of how she has managed to balance her career along with her most important role in life… that of being the mother to three children.

Whether you need an inspirational keynote speaker for your annual conference or a facilitator and workshop leader for your retreat, mastermind or client appreciation kickoff, Masha’s style is one that will leave audience members begging for more.

Drawing from real life experiences, Masha Malka has been inspiring audiences around the globe for over 15 years. With a unique style that has been described as “understated power” Masha’s presentations are a blend of compassion, humor and inspiration.

Available for one-hour, half-day, full-day and multiple day engagements.