Rave Reviews

It was amazing to be part of your workshop! You facilitated it beautifully. In fact, the information in it is becoming part of me, and as such is causing me to adopt different practices. It’s like a new door opening.

Cheryl Alexander

Executive coach and Founder Cheryl Alexander & Associates

The Baseline Foundation is a well-structured and interactive program designed to help individuals to focus internally, understand, clarify and formulate their own purpose, vision and values. Masha Malka is a persistent and energetic coach that supports participants through their journey with drive and enthusiasm.

Recommend the program to people who find themselves on a crossroad or have to make important personal decisions for their future.

Yulita Decheva

HR Manager Bulgaria/SF CEE HRAM Shell Bulgaria AD

Masha possess a wisdom that few others have. A wonderful example and inspiration to us all.

Michael Hanrahan

Professor Keen State College, USA

I always enjoy your enthusiasm and openness so much, Masha. You are so receptive to all kinds of methods, resources, theories, and this has contributed to your professional repertoire of skills and knowledge. I admire your enthusiasm and excitement for teaching and learning. These attributes make you an outstanding instructor.

Masha, you are a wonderful combination of philosopher, teacher and guide!

Holly Mc Cracken

Professor - School of Education Instructor Capella University, USA

Masha Malka gave a superbly inspirational talk to the members of the Sotogrande Women Club! The meeting was a huge success.

Irene Rosenblatt

Founder Sotogrande Women Club

You are an amazing leader and person. I have grown a great deal as a leader simply by talking with you and evaluating your comments and techniques. I am always looking for new approaches and enjoy sharing ideas and experiences with creative leaders such as yourself. Thank you!

Casey Anderson

Process Improvement Manager for Customer Operations Inet Technologies USA

Masha knows how to empower people around her. Masha manages to lift and inspire her audience with her enthusiasm and positive attitude. It is a refreshing experience!

Marianne De Witt

President Ellas Dutch Business Club

I really liked the Baseline Foundation workshop. It reached me deep into my mind and my soul. I felt that it satisfied my need of doing something so profound and meaningful. Thank you for being a partner in success!!!!!

I get the sense of it – it’s just so simple, just somebody who helps you believe in yourself. As I remember a quote from a book: “You presented me the most precious thing – myself.”

Alex Kostadinov (Bulgaria)

Trainer Sanita Business Centre for Training and Development

Thanks for so much for all that is currently good in my life…. You are a real gem!

Dr. Barbara Page-Roberts

President, Simply Global UK

It was delightful having you as a guest on my show.

Donna Seebo

Host of The Donna Seebo Show

Thanks Masha! Very helpful comments and suggestions!!! I really, truly appreciate your outstanding response and ideas. I guess, sometimes, it takes a person from outside the group/organization to point out the things that need work and why.

I sensed that all in the case study group I mentioned (including me) were becoming so frustrated with the lack of progress that all of us were unable to see the forest for the trees (so to speak…). You make an excellent teamwork consultant!

Stephanie Simmon

Manager of Customer Cervices dep. Mediacom, USA

Masha Malka has been invited to speak on four occasions due to her professionalism and ease with public speaking. Her topics and subject matter have always been of great interest to everyone in attendance.

Cindy Barnes

Founder and President Grapevine Ladies Luncheon Club

Masha is surfing the leading edge of the wave of new and exciting discoveries of the unlimited potential of the human mind!

Dr. Bill Gould

Founder Transformational Thinking Ltd, Thailand

Masha, your values work is infused with high energy that I find inspiring. You have a lot of energy for taking things to the next level. I’m enjoying your spirited approach to learning and sharing!

Martha Lasley

Director of Training and author Leadership that Works, USA

You were a wonderful guest. The information you shared will be helpful to all who listened–as well as myself! I most certainly would love to have you as my guest again.

Dr. Ed Poole

President Lessons for Your Journey

I very much enjoyed your training. You contribute a lot to people all over the world. I love your vision and what it represents.

Cornelus N. van Langen

President Leadership Essentials, Inc USA

I have never met someone so dedicated and so caring as Masha Malka. I learnt from her that there is always a positive way of get out from depression and feelings that push one down. She helped me believe that LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!

Raquel Pérez Vazquez

Co-Owner & Managing Director Lawyers of Spain, Spain