Your formula for a great life starts here!

Overcome triggers, end suffering, surpass fear, and feel good on a regular basis.

A free and interactive training with Masha Malka, author of The One Minute Coach Guide to Mastering Your Emotions.

What holds you back?

Your emotions can cost you relationships, friendships, jobs, and opportunities.

Negative emotions can feel like a cloud that hovers over you again and again. 

Emotional mastery normally isn't a skill you're taught.  Even the most successful and dedicated people I know struggle with stress, low energy, fear, and thoughts that can destroy your quality of life.

Mastering your emotions is a skill just like any other that requires focus, attention, and support.

This powerful session will help you get your energy back and feel better on a regular basis.

Where are you now?

  • Do your emotions take you off focus, off task, or into challenging situations?
  • Are you constantly worried about the future?
  • Does stress drain your energy on a regular (or even daily) basis?

The right tools make all the difference.

When you master your emotions, you master your destiny!

The session will cover important emotional mastery skills and exercises to:

  • Help you disconnect from a relentless flow of thoughts
  • Discover the simple power of gratitude and how it relates to positive feelings
  • Use a better formula for a happier life - that you choose!