The Elite Success Accelerator

Transition with clarity and speed with Masha's support, coaching, and systems designed to get results.

Transition Doesn't Have to be Painful...

Why is it that some leaders and organizations are able to move faster towards their goals than others?

What is it that seems to give these leaders and organizations such a unique advantage?

Is there really an "X-Factor" that will help you strengthen your vision, communicate more effectively, focus on your most important goals, and challenge yourself like never before?

The Elite Success Accelerator is designed specifically to give you that advantage.

Your Foundation for Success and Happiness:

  • Achieve Your Most Important Personal and Professional Goals - Build your confidence with the system, accountability, and support you need from an award-winning and world-renowned coach to reach your goals.
  • Create Financial Success and Stability - Clearly understand your goals, develop a plan that's specific to your needs, and connect your career blueprint with your bigger vision to move faster than ever before. 
  • Master Emotional Balance and Communication - Become a calmer, happier, centered, and more productive leader than ever before.
  • Know Your Next Move - Clarify your most important next steps, improve your resources, and make the moves that will keep you moving in the right direction.
  • Improve Your Relationships, Including Your Self-Relationship - Your external success depends on your internal success. You'll develop your skills in enhancing connections with those who matter, including yourself, to transform your current situation and your future outlook.
  • Avoid Overwhelm, Stress, and Burnout - Get specific guidance on how to avoid the worst stress factors, time sinks, and traps that keep you from what you want most in life.
  • Manage Your Time More Effectively - The Accelerator will reveal the psychological reasons behind time scarcity and guide you in identifying and prioritizing what truly matters.
  • Create Harmony and Well-Being in All Areas of Life - Master your emotions and discover how to feel good on a regular basis.

The Success Accelerator is a one-year program, during which you follow a structured, step-by-step system.

Just a few of the milestones you'll reach:

Your First 30 Days:  Lay the Foundation for Success and Happiness

  • Establish a robust foundation for your future accomplishments and overall well-being.
  • Identify your reason for doing all that you are doing (your big WHY) and understand how to make wise decisions for yourself based on your core values.
  • Craft a vivid and inspiring picture of your envisioned self and the life you aspire to lead.
  • Boost confidence, motivation, and energy levels by tapping into your subconscious mind.

After 60 Days:  Design Your Blueprint for Success

  • Develop a strategic monthly roadmap towards your exciting new vision.
  • Deconstruct your long-term aspirations into balanced yearly objectives.
  • Further break down each goal into specific, measurable action steps.
    Attain a clear daily roadmap, propelling you forward to that next level.
  • Integrate the new YOU and your emerging vision deep within your subconscious through the power of hypnosis, significantly amplifying the likelihood of its manifestation

After 90 Days:  Master Emotional Balance and Communication

  • Understand and apply the Malka Laws of Emotional Mastery.
  • Become a calmer, happier, more centered, and more productive version of yourself as a result.
  • Elevate your communication skills with influential individuals in your life to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Work with your subconscious to significantly increase your chances of reaching your goals.

After 180 Days:  Refine Your Mindset and Habits for Sustained Success

  • Evaluate and reshape ingrained thought patterns, reactions, and behaviors through a transformed mindset.
  • Utilize the potency of hypnosis to shift unwanted habits into healthier alternatives.
  • Continue moving confidently and consistently towards the completion of your goals.
  • Increase your level of productivity and your time off to do what makes you happy.

After 1 Year:  Evolve Into an Enhanced Version of Yourself and Succeed

  • Understand who you are and what you really want so that you can set and achieve goals that will no longer sabotage you.
  • Cultivate strategic networks with influential individuals to accelerate your progress.
  • Feel supported at all times.
  • Live a balanced and fulfilling life.
  • Move fast in the right direction.
  • Lead by example and inspire others to live their best lives.

Your Catalyst for Success:

Masha Malka

Masha Malka is the catalyst you need to do just that. Whether you're an entrepreneur starting a new project, a business owner seeking to reignite your spark and drive, or an executive yearning for a better work-life balance, Masha has the expertise to guide you towards achieving your desired results.

Masha Malka is one of the world's leading business consultants and performance coaches specializing in leadership, emotional intelligence, and organizational development. She is highly demanded for her one-of-a-kind skills and ability to support high performing leaders and their companies.As the best-selling author and founder of The One Minute Coach™ educational system, she has worked as an executive coach for over 20 years.

Masha has a Master’s degree in Higher Education, a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, training certificates in Accelerated Learning Techniques, NLP, Transformational Thinking, and a graduate certificate in Teaching and Training Online. She is the founder of The One Minute Coach system, best-selling author, life coach with 16 years of experience and hundreds of clients around the world, as well as a mother of 3. Masha resides between Miami, FL and Marbella, Spain, though she refers to herself as a citizen of the world.

Masha built a successful import and distribution company, taught Business Leadership at MUIC, won Ballroom dancing competitions, and earned her Master’s Degree in Higher Education while raising three children. Masha also has training certificates in Accelerated Learning Techniques and Transformational Thinking, Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Training Online and a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Not only has she supported others, but Masha has overcome all odds in her own life following her family's exodus from the Soviet Union. Overcoming the struggles of being a refugee at 17 years old, living below the poverty line, wondering where her next meal would come from to decades later dealing with a very difficult break-up of a 20-years marriage, living in seven countries, to becoming an internationally recognized author, speaker and a life and executive coach to hundreds of clients has given Masha the unique ability to understand what it takes to create powerful and successful leaders.

Why choose me as your coach?

You want to work with someone you trust and who will help you create results.

I embody the principle of "Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk" in every aspect of my life.

My journey from being a teenage refugee to becoming a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author has taken me across six countries.

I have over 20 years of experience working with top leaders worldwide, leading multinational teams, and teaching Leadership and Mindfulness at universities, I bring a wealth of real-life stories and valuable lessons that can be immediately applied.

"Masha is surfing the leading edge of the wave of new and exciting discoveries of the unlimited potential of the human mind." - Dr. Bill Gould, founder of Transformational Thinking

Claude Littner

Every so often, and not very often, you meet someone who makes a strong and positive impression on you. Masha is absolutely special, she possesses a warmth and character that inspires.

Star of the Apprentice UK, One of Lord Sugar's Most Trusted and Longest Serving Business Colleagues

There are currently three spots available for the Elite Success Accelerator program and I am actively interviewing potential candidates.

I will work closely with you for one year. Even though we will have planned meetings 3-4 times a month, we will work closely together throughout the year, with some unplanned conversations or meetings when needed.

  • You will feel supported at all times.
  • You will move towards your newly defined exciting vision with confidence and clarity.
  • As a result, your level of productivity and focus will increase, leading you to getting more things done faster and having more time for yourself, so that you can have a more balanced life.

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The Elite Success Accelerator

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