In my last blog, I filled you in on what happened in my life in the last five years. Although I responded to each of you who wrote to me individually, I want to thank you once again for taking the time to write to me, for the feedback and wisdom that you shared and for your continuous support!!

I decided to write a series of books under the umbrella of The One Minute Coach™ using the same format of short one-minute chapters with action steps and images because it is unique and effective.

Emotions are Next

The name of my next book is The One Minute Coach to Mastering Your Emotions. This book came to life because I have concluded that the main purpose of being alive was to experience! Experience life, in ALL its aspects, without judgement.

And how do we experience life and being human? Through EMOTIONS.

When you can understand how to master your emotions, disassociate from them, and work with them rather than push them away, or get swallowed by them, you can then navigate your life to have the kind of experiences that your soul desires.

Using Your Emotion Favorably

You can learn to use your emotions to be your guides and your friends and understand how perfectly you are designed when your emotions, your body, and your mind work harmoniously together.

Whether you’re a C-level executive, corporate consultant, keynote speaker, published author or business coach, mastering emotions is, by far, the most important skills you can develop.

Within the pages of this book you are guided to understand, accept, get unstuck, feel in control, and move through life in a confident and enjoyable way, appreciating all emotions without attaching to them.

In my next few blogs I would like to share with you some chapters from the book, and I will be very grateful to hear your feedback.

To your happiness and well-being!