I’ve heard people say, “Life is hard and then you die”. Of course that goes against everything I believe in but I do notice that many people struggle with so many things in their lives; and many people, including myself, often complicate their lives when there is no need to do so.

If this happens to you, here is why…

Subconscious Drives You

You are driven, mostly subconsciously, by the demands, beliefs, and expectations of the society and environment you live in. You probably believe that unless you straggle and work hard, you don’t deserve to succeed; unless you achieve “success” (whatever it means to you), you are not worthy of happiness, and even acceptance and love.

But life doesn’t work like that. Life is not meant to be hard and complicated. Struggling, believe it or not, is often habitual. Something you expect when you wake up in the morning because it is something you experienced the day before.

Try Something Different

What if the next time you wake up, you say something like this…

“Today I do not pray for a better future, today I give gratitude for the perfect today, for another gift to experience life, to give and to receive love, to witness the beauty this world can offer, to learn something new, to get inspired, to create something that didn’t exist before, to share my happiness with others and lift them up, to do something that puts a smile on someone’s face, to simply BE and feel content about it…”

When you pray for a better future, you send out the message that something is wrong in your life, that you are not happy, satisfied, or contented. Without realizing it, you then simply create more of the same.

Gratitude Changes Everything

When you give gratitude for what you have now at this moment, even if what you are affirming is not true for you yet, you are tuning into the vibration that inevitably creates it. Because when you can imagine something and feel it fully, for your mind it becomes just as real as if it was in the material world and that vibration of gratitude then attracts and materializes that new reality.

So take your focus away from the past and away from the future and feel what you want to feel now, at this moment. The more you do this, the faster you will create the changes you want to create.

If you are tired of hard and complicated life, or simply running in circles – create differently and start by being grateful TODAY.